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The Last Stand

Azuchi Castle; renowned for its many battles in the past is the backdrop for this final battle. It was once the home to the infamous dictator: Nobunaga Oda as well as it being made as a deathtrap for would-be heroes and many brave samurai. With its many perils and pitfalls, every attempt to make it to the grand hall would end in a gruesome tragedy. It is rumored that Oda’s demon army resides here wait to defend their master by any means.
Totoyomi Hideoshi; once one of Oda’s vassals now consumed with greed and an overwhelming lust for power seeks to revive his former master and bring Hell to Japan for all eternity.
Using a secret passage, he went past the depths of the castle to a sealed gate, tearing off the chains he went inside as the candles gave off a purplish hue as evil spirits circled around the area watching Hideoshi cautiously as he kneeled on the ground. Under him was a seal that locked Oda away after his previous defeat many years ago. Using a dirk he kept concealed in his vest, he slit his wrist as the blood spilled onto the seal while chanting.

“Lord Nobunaga, please accept this offering for your arrival!”

As the ritual commenced, the seal resonated with earthquakes, floods and even a plague of locusts. With people running in fear for their lives, their homes and businesses were eliminated in a matter of seconds as they watched their entire lifestyle up in flames. The sky was as red as blood as Nobunaga’s influence slowly streamed through all of Japan in less than a day as loud cackling echoed throughout the land…and this was only the first stage.
Tachibana sprung up from his meditation looking at the world outside and suddenly, was shocked seeing his worst fears being realized.

“This presence…it can’t be, this just…can’t be!”

Yamato hurried to his master’s side as he too saw what was going on. Tachibana wanted to halt this from happening and he explained the situation to Yamato. Demons were spreading all over the place as Tachibana shook his head not wanting to see anymore. Yamato stared at the polluted soil and tainted water grasping his fist tightly as he cried in anguish awakening his true power within him.

“Yuuki…use it Ichimonji. If you have the power to change the world, now is the time for courage.”

Hearing these words echo from his heart, he drew his sword to the land then to the sky as an echo trailed afterwards.


Yamato leapt into the air as the fire of courage and wind of hope enveloped him as he instantly changed into Kamen Rider Onimusha with Bishamon at his side as they flew off into the hell-infected world with his sword extended to fight evil. In his mind, Yamato knew that he was a target from then on, for as long as he took the oath for justice, he knew his life would constantly be put in danger, but understood the risks especially now.

“We must hold nothing back Rider…we are no longer in Japan.”

Bishamon snorted, as the smell of brimstone was thick in the air as demons suddenly appeared before them, surrounding their route as they were advancing toward them. Together they blew them away with a mighty tornado of attacks as they rode towards their destination: Azuchi Castle.
As they closed in on their target, the demons grew bigger and more powerful as they fought their way through to a clearing. Unfortunately, the drawbridge was broken and the gate was rusted shut, but it didn’t mean that there was no way in. The demons seemed endless as they found themselves cornered. Bishamon snorted as Oni looked up to his only opening which was through the tower.

“Rider, they’re stalling us…nothing more. I can get you up there the best way I know how.”
“Alright, but what about you?”

Bishamon grit his teeth in response shaking his head. After all, he too understood the risk of danger and wasn’t the least bit afraid of the odds. He reared his head up neighing to the sky as a giant hurricane came and swept Oni into the air lifting him up to the tower waiting for the right moment to strike. Launching himself from the eye of the hurricane, his wings extended for a brief moment as he glided through the air crashing through the tower window. Changing himself into Musou, he wasted no time charging through the defense with Zantetsu in hand running toward the grand hall where Hideoshi was waiting patiently for his prey.