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Arise! Chou Bishamon!!

Yamato’s journey has brought him as far as the Tosan area with its lush and lavish forests with very little land mass making it the backdrop for the destined meeting of the minds. Venturing in further, a voice echoed with the clearing as Yamato paused for a moment listening intently to the stillness of nature.
The faint sound of bells chimed in the distance as they were ringing in one area, then slowly around him, they faded thereafter. Following that, was the sound of hooves loudly stamping nearby. Although by the sound of these hooves, they were quite different as Yamato heard the sound of thunder coming towards him as if a storm was brewing. As the sky changed from blue to black, he felt his heart quicken as the sound grew closer towards him, trying to keep his composure he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword readying himself for the inevitable battle that was about to be taken place. He continued to be witness to the event that was happening as nature itself was changing.
A flash of lightning struck the ground as Yamato moved out of harm’s way evading the sudden attack. It was then that standing in the distance was an ethereal being in the shape of a dark stallion. With blood red eyes, it gave a cold stare at Yamato while snorting out fire while its hooves were surrounded by small tornadoes cutting the wind with each step. “Humans are not allowed on this sacred ground, state you business, boy...or fear my wrath!”

Yamato stood his ground as the horse snorted fire at him in hopes of burning him alive. Guarding himself against the flame attack, he kept his eyes transfixed on the creature regardless of the pressure of the tremendous heat enveloping around him.


At last, Yamato met the legendary stallion, Chou Bishamon no Tatsumaki (translation: Bishamon, the Mighty Hurricane) but was seen as a threat to the beast’s eyes. As he struggled to keep his focus, he tried to step forward but in doing so, the flames got higher in response to his sudden movement. A familiar voice entered Yamato’s mind as he continued his struggle with the spirit beast. He felt his knees buckle as the heat was draining him of his energy, knowing that this might be the end for him and his cause for this journey.

“Yamato…don’t give up.” He found himself on a different plane as was curious about his surroundings as well as the voice who called out to him. Suddenly, the jewel on Yamato’s sash flickered as the ethereal being came into shape and resembled the form of its previous master.

“Hattori, who this?”
“Do not fear, my son… I’m here with you, always have been.”
Slowly, rising to his feet, Yamato bowed in respect to him as the shadow appeared from the mist as an old man with two swords strapped to his back. He happened to be none other than the greatest sword smith of all Japan; the illusive Hanzo Hattori.
“You are… my father??” Albeit stunned at the great sword master as his father, Yamato listened to his words as he explained everything to him.
“Yamato, the reason why I went into hiding was because of my skill in mastering and enhancing any blade to its full potential. You, my son, have inherited this power. Hattori is your true name…”
He looked to his father, with a sense of overwhelming power starting to flow within himself. Drawing his own sword from its sheath, Hanzo pointed his blade out to his son’s heart with a serious look.
“Yamato, why do spirits like I exist?”
Yamato drew his sword in defense as he clashed with his father with a smirk on his face. “When all else fails, hope prevails!”
Sheathing his blade awakened his true self, breaking all ties with revenge, vengeance and all other motives that had evil intent in them. As Hanzo vanished, Yamato stood up with renewed strength as he stood calm and still facing Bishamon. The beast horse neighed wildly as he charged straight at him.
“The fire of vengeance only makes the wind of justice stronger. Bishamon, guardian of this forest, I need your aid.”

Bishamon kept charging at him in a blind rage unable to hear his plea. He stood calmly as he drew into a different henshin pose. By sweeping a low circle on the ground, and a mighty palm thrust outward, his body, enveloped by a column of wind. Just as the stallion charged him a final time, the shock of the force blew him against a tree as a new form of the Feudal Rider appeared just as the shield died down.
His armor had the colors of red, yellow and orange with the belt having a new sign on the buckler (read as Musou) along with his facemask optics changed into a full visor.

“Stand down, vengeful one. I came not to fight you but to ask for your assistance in a matter of great urgency…”

Bishamon listened intently to the situation about Hideoshi’s plot to conquer Japan, the Sou Dan, and his true intention of being here. He agreed to help him since his bravery has proven himself strong enough to tame even the most wildest of beasts. With a snort of fire and a neigh of thunder, they galloped back to the battlefield riding on the trail of wind.