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Fury of The People

Somewhere away from Kyushu and Honshu, at their hideout..

"Lord Sanzo, Gou has been defeated by the Feudal Rider.."
"..I see. It is time that we unleash our entire force on this one man."
"But my lord, what about our employer?"
"From this day forward, we're breaking our contract with him. I don't like how he operates and as for that Rider, let's throw a gauntlet for him, he calls himself a hero of the people, its time he proved it to us."
Silence was in the air as Tachibana listened to the waves crashing against the shores. He watched the seagulls gliding over the waves as they were spiraling upward to perch over the cave. Yamato watched the glimmer of his sword as he was in a state of self-contemplation. The short-lived peace, the wars and constant revolutions toward freedom, the sacrifices that were either necessary or unnecessary for his own existence. Yet, the enemies that they are clashing swords with are no different from them since they fight for the same purpose: survival.

"Yes what is it?"
"Do you honestly think that the Sou Dan truly are our enemies?"
"Intentionally, no. However, I feel they are going independent after this battle with us. But your true fight is with Hideoshi."
"Us? Tachibana, no offense but they don't want you..they want me. I'm the Kamen Rider after all."
"Precisely my point! That is why I'll fight them; you are going on a special mission."
"Special mission, what kind?"
"Recovery. You'll be looking for Bishamon, the legendary steed."

Bishamon was noted and revered as the most fiery and spirited horse ever known. Some say that his speed cuts the wind and his breath snorts fire. Although his existence is only by hearsay, Yamato was determined to capture and tame this creature by whatever means. He swore to his mentor that he would join him in battle as soon as he can. As soon as he set foot off on his mission, Tachibana implored to him not to use his Rider power just yet. He considered that using it would require a great amount of power and will to do so. As they went their separate ways, Tachibana wrapped his cloak around himself and covered his face in a tengu mask.
Elsewhere in the vicinity near Edo, Sanzo along with the last of his generals, Akai and Kuro (aka the Ant twins) as well as his reinforcement squad waited for their prey to appear. Spotting a glider in the distance, Sanzo gave the signal to fire as arrows filled the air as the glider was trying to avoid enemy fire. They managed to hit the target but unaware that a small figure escaped long after the glider sank. He sent his troops to retrieve the figure that they were given the order to capture and not kill Kamen Rider. For a moment, there was a still quietness followed by a pack of soundless thuds as a figure flew out from the bushes stepping onto the field resting his sword on his back.

"YOU! You aren't Kamen Rider!"
"How right you are, I am Ichigeki no Tengu but unfortunately you won't speak the tale...
Soon as they closed on him, they fell before one clean slash of his mighty blade as he made his way looking up at Sanzo standing tall.

"Where is Kamen Rider and who are you?"
"Where he is, isn't important for I will be your opponent, I challenge to a fight!"
Sanzo smirked as he leapt from the cliff, throwing off his armor and cloak as they met face to face on the field of combat.