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Fury of the People


Sanzo shuddered as he thought of how the Feudal Rider spared his life and left him with a wounded ego. Although he was defeated by him, his pride (as well as his life) was at stake. While the monkey-like warlord kept going on his tangent, Sanzo was deep in his thought replaying the scene as it happened and only one thing took over his mind: His revenge against Kamen Rider Onimusha..

"Just you remember, he's coming after YOU my lord.

Leaving Hideoshi in his anger, Sanzo left to get his equipment waiting for his chance to take on the Feudal Rider once again. Meanwhile, during their return trip on the mainland Tachibana informed Yamato on his powers and what his true purpose in joining him on this long journey. As they arrived near Kiseki, they took a short timeout to do a bit of sparring before coming back where the journey began. They were unaware that sinister forces at work as they headed towards Kiseki. Surprisingly finding a trail of blood, it lead to the village gate where they found the guards dead on the outskirts of the village, their bodies were mutilated and shown as a prime example of those whom defied the Sou Dan.
There was a note addressed to Rider Onimusha as Yamato read it.

`This game is far from over, Rider... Catch me if you can...`
-Gou no Komori

"Yamato, I'll stay behind and protect the village."

Tachibana replied with his sword at the ready. "Right Tachibana...If he wants Kamen Rider Onimusha, he'll get Kamen Rider Onimusha!"

In a flash, Yamato transformed himself into the Feudal Hero, Kamen Rider Onimusha and extended his firefly wings as he took off to following the trail that lead to the murder of the village guards. As it got drier, his optics lit up, as he was lead into a dark road that was all too familiar to the Feudal Rider. His wings lit up as he found himself in the center of nothingness.
A high-pitched sound surrounded the air as darts in the shape of bats shot out of nowhere targeting Oni. He evaded them as he managed to catch one just as the second barrage flew behind still going after him. Carefully finding an opening, he threw the explosive back at the barrage as his own counterattack made a giant explosion. Using his quickness, Onimusha caught a glimpse at Gou and managed to nick his wing before vanishing back into the darkness. In return, Gou struck Rider Oni back almost tearing a piece of his armor off, thankfully his sword, Kuuga deflected the blow long enough to retaliate. The two of them glared at each other as fire surrounded them, they fought in a deadly duel of mortal combat.
Gou's incredible speed overwhelmed Oni's power as he held the upper hand in the battle sending him into the flame, unconscious.

"So this is the mighty Kamen Rider who defeated our leader Sanzo?? How pathetic, all you did was nick me..and yet you are nothing more than a weakling.."

As Gou went back to finish off his quarry in Kiseki, he found out that he was not able to fly as well as before. Changing his mind, he decided to finish off his prey; just only one thing was missing, his body! The flying assassin fluttered around searching for his body unknowingly wearing down his own energy in the process.
Awakening from the shadows was a bright streak of light that came out of nowhere and from the looks of it; it looked just like Rider Oni as Gou evaded the first part of the attack unaware of what's going on. Was it a ghost that attacked him or was it...something else? As more of the afterimages came, Gou found himself wearing down faster as they flew and vanished upon impact as he struck them. He was then sent flying down with as a powerful force struck him out of the sky as a fire appeared before him as a flaming entity as he was looked up trying to make out who it was.

"You live only for the pleasure of someone else's destruction, pain and suffering. I have come for your judgment...and you are GUILTY!!"

As the fire came into shape, it formed into Rider Oni as he unleashed a flaming Oni Kick sending Gou upwards as an image of a dragon roaring quickly approached its target as it was being engulfed as a screaming voice boomed afterwards.

"MUSHA RYUU KEN!!!!!!!" (Warrior Dragon Fist)

Gou gasped as he saw the figure of Kamen Rider Onimusha before he felt his heart blasted out of his chest by his fist and sent to a spiraling finish exploding on contact as he hit the ground. Onimusha's suit became like fire, as his brilliance was a sign to the people as they gazed up at the sky in witnessing his power. Tachibana tipped his hat pointing upwards at the sky.

"People of Kiseki, let this sign be known that now is the time that we strike back. I fight alongside this Masked Rider to exploit all the evil in this world. His light is a solemn oath to our cause of justice. Raise your swords and stand up with us against the tyrant that holds you underneath his fist!"

Onimusha looked over the crowd as his anger and fury died down as his suit went back to normal. He gazed over all the people that looked up to him as their savior and raised his sword in triumph as the people cheered for him. He nodded to them before vanishing off into the night.