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IKARI HENSHIN! Awaken Warrior Rider!

Tachibana looked over the entire map of Japan studying the occupied area controlled by the Hideoshi Army, and according to the reports from past and recent sources, they look for exceptional resources to use for their own needs. Yamato came in looking over the troubled areas that were in need of help. Taking a dart, Tachibana fired it as watched as it landed in the southwestern region. Suffering from malnutrition, Osaka was in need of help since the bandits were stealing rice and other rations from the people. They were near the verge of death and something had to be done.

"The time has come to strike back against this evil. Advance, Kamen Rider!"

With that said Yamato performed the henshin stance and screamed the words `IKARI HENSHIN! ` transforming himself into Kamen Rider Onimusha. Taking a glider towards Osaka, he overlooked the layout of the land and arriving at the desired location, he released himself from the glider landing somewhere in the bushes not too far from where the bandits were finishing their raid by blending in with the color of the dark green bushes. He quietly listened to the footsteps that passed by him.

(Those must be the bandits, but..something seems amiss here..) He thought to himself.

From the looks of their attire, their affiliation was with the Sou Dan, but something was wrong, especially at a closer glance, since they're not exactly adults nor youma, they could only be..
"Children... (This is low, even for Hideoshi)"

As they passed by the bush, they were unaware of being watched by him as he stayed still awaiting the chance to strike. Using the darkness of night as his shield, he followed them, as they were to meet their contact, which happened to be none other than Sanzo Migouzi himself! The boys seemed to be around the age of 11 and 12 in their preteen years and they were more than willing to do anything to help their families regardless of the cost. As they were about to leave, a mysterious voice boomed in the darkness...

"So, you're recruiting children to do your dirty work? I thought you'd have a bit more dignity than that…"

Sanzo urged his men to take the children away from here as a lightning bolt struck out of nowhere with a figure revealing itself before Sanzo's men blocking the escape route.


As the figure stood before them, his blade shimmered faintly as he drew it from the sheath, cracking like lightning. Once the bandits approached him, he sped past them as he recovered the children and holding them close to him as a pair of wings cracked open as the back of his outfit split. They were transparent almost to them being crystal, the boys were shocked to see the mysterious stranger with wings but they trusted him since he arrived to save them. Using his wings, he flew them back to their village and nodded to them as his optics turned green and his suit changed to white again.

"I admire your grow up to be strong men."

He turned his attention into dealing with the Sou Dan vanishing into the night as he reentered the fray where Sanzo's men were still in a state of confusion. The camouflaged hero reappeared as his optics turned from green to red as he clashes swords with the lackeys that lead to Sanzo.
Although their skill was good, they fell before the might of the Feudal Rider. There was a faint clap heard overhead as Oni sheathed his blade.

"Your swordplay is remarkable..even for a glorified piece of scrap metal."

As Sanzo leapt from the branch performing his killing technique, Oni reared back placing his hand to the ground as Sanzo unleashed Jigoku Kyaku on him, he countered back with a powerful handstand kick that matched Sanzo's attack.
“ONI RIDER KICK!” yelled he as the kick clashed with Sanzo’s Hell Kick. As their kicks met, their powers were struggling for supremacy, Oni gained an added burst of strength as he broke the deadlock and flew upwards sending Sanzo back on his feet as the both of them stared at one another, Sanzo fell to a knee growling at him.

"Sanzo Migouzi..send a message to your master and tell him that the eyes of night are watching the people and this blade will shear your accursed reign of fear.."
"J-just what the hell are you??!" he shuddered still in shock.

The Feudal Rider shot him a glare before leaving Sanzo in disgrace. The moon glimmered on his suit nearly blinding the head of the Sou Dan.

"I am the champion of the people's fears, sorrow, and anger. I am that which of you have created my existence to stop you from harming others. I… AM Kamen Rider Onimusha!!"

With that said he sprouted his firefly-like wings and flew off into the night as Sanzo seethed in anger knowing he will be facing his employer in shame.