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Heritage Lost

Some time had passed since Yamato's disappearance, the people started to wonder exactly happened to him. Many believe that he might be dead, taken into custody by Hideoshi's men or perhaps, gone into exile.
His influence and power spread as far as Hokkaido and near Kyushu as he held Japan in his iron grip. During this time, Yamato had progressed immensely in his training, and to Tachibana, he was more than pleased with the results. His exercises included basic and advanced kenjutsu (sword fighting), energy tracking, as well as standard hand-to-hand combat.

"Tachibana, what's with all this training? There's got to be a reason for this."

Tachibana guided Yamato back in the cave as a nice fire heated up their abode as he presented Yamato a gigantic sword that was four times as bigger as his regular katana. He tipped off his hat as he set the blade aside sharing to Yamato an old prophecy. It also explained the reason for his journey.

"You want to know? I am training and honing your skills to a point where you will not need a sword anymore. You will become an invincible fighter with only as the wind being your guide. You shall be known as the essence of wind, the Kamen Rider.”

Tachibana's words echoed through Yamato's mind as he asked Yamato to pick up the sword. It goes by the name, Onibatou. Legend has it that only those with the will of true power may use it. Yamato tried to raise the blade but its power simply overwhelmed him and thus, Tachibana introduced to him the last part of his training.

"The time has come to awaken your power, Yamato Ichimonji. Let's begin."

Tachibana demonstrated by going into power stance and raising his right hand to the sky while his left crossed over his heart, after this was performed, he clinched his left fist clashing it with his right open palm.

"What was that? Was something supposed to happen?"

Yamato questioned with a lifted brow.

"That...was a henshin pose, it may seem that it doesn't do anything for me, but then again, I'm not a Kamen Rider…"

He smirked looking to Yamato as he stepped aside and watched. Taking a deep breath, Yamato focused his energies into emulating the exact same position and movement that Tachibana did and in doing so, Hattori awakened as the jewel began to glow a bright green. Pieces of white metal started to envelope around his body and face turned into armor and a facemask, which covered part of his face, once he opened his eyes, they became green eye visors. Taking the Onibatou in hand, he held it aloft to the moonlight as the prophecy finally happened...