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Path of Tragedy

10th Year of Tensho, after the fall of the emperor Nobunaga Oda, Japan was still in the grip of evil. Demons still roamed the land but they were nothing compared to a force more threatening to they: humankind; particularly bandits. One such town that suffered greatly of this threat was Kiseki, a small province somewhere on the outskirts of Oedo. They lived in fear because of them, especially the Youma class.
Their strength was beyond normal and to the police that were around; they could not do anything about them. The man that was the host to this brand of madness is Totoyomi Hideoshi, Oda's former vassal and right hand man. With over 4000 men in his service, a massive army was amassed within months and at his side were his personal strike force: the Kuroi Anasatsu Sou Dan (or Black Assassin Soul); the most feared and wanted gang of assassins that were notorious across Japan. They served as the local "sheriff squad" around the Kanto region and his law was simple. Those who do not pay tax or show reverence to his name shall pay in one way or another. Many of the brave men whom did stand against Hideoshi were either thrown in the dungeon, shot to death by firing squad or done in by hara-kiri.
There was one such man that did escape from the hell that he had witnessed from Hideoshi and the Sou Dan, an escapee ronin now turned feudal police officer by the name of Ichimonji Yamato. He is a firm believer of peace with a strong awareness of justice. To him, the land rightfully belongs to the people as well as the peace of the land. Due to his past exploits, his skill of the blade made him a force to be reckoned with and quickly became the talk of the town.
Because of this, he became the target of the Sou Dan. The villages across the Kanto region that felt persecuted heard of Yamato and the small businesses flourished without fear or worry. One evening, while finishing his patrol around the outskirts of Oedo, bandits overran Kiseki, however he was unaware that these were not normal bandits but they were grunts of the Sou Dan. Yamato arrived on the scene halting their advance on their assault on the village.

"Your sick game is over, now you face me!"

Dropping the elderly shop owner on the fly, Yamato caught him setting him to safety. In the midst of the crowd, a wandering swordsman tipped his hat while observing the fight with the youma bandit and the young police officer. With a smirk, the bandit ran away as the crowd grew closer around Yamato. Just as he vanished from sight, he saw that Yamato was not too far behind unaware that he had him right where he wanted him.
Yamato found himself in the depth of a deep forest, lost and even more outnumbered as arrows rained down pinning him hard to the ground as the head of the Sou Dan appeared.

"So, you're the one who’s making Lord Hideoshi's life miserable. Well, no matter I, Sanzo Sou Migouzi shall enjoy killing you!"

With that said, Sanzo leapt off the branch unleashing his attack on the helpless police officer as he struggled to free himself.

"JIGOKU KYAKU!” (Hell Kick)

Yamato gasped as Sanzo's kick did some serious damage to his ribs as he spat up blood upon impact. With a sly grin, he leapt off just as Yamato struggled to glance at Sanzo before his last breath.

" will..not..get away..”