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Hope For All People

In a race against time, Musou made his way through a long corridor which leads to the great hall. Upon arrival, he felt this immense force when he arrived at the final gate once he stepped inside. The temperature was neither hot nor cold while evil spirit energy resonated as he finally met the face of his captor; Hideoshi Totoyomi. It was because of this man that he was brought to his true calling, even if it was at the cost of his comrades’ lives before escaping from the same fate that awaited him.

“Well, well…if it isn’t the `god of humanity`, the omnipotent Masked Rider. Like what I’ve done with the place? Hehehehe…”
“..If I am called that, then you must be the Devil himself.”

With a snap of his fingers, Hideoshi grinned devilishly as the ground rumbled and cracked underneath Musou’s feet. He leapt from the incoming tremor, unaware that the worst was coming. Like a cornered mouse in front of a hungry cat, lava came spewing around the instant platform that suddenly broke away from the throne that was somehow escaping his line of vision.
Being in Musou form sacrifices his flight for enhanced speed, agility and power…but that didn’t matter. What did matter was Japan’s future if he loses here. Nothing would ever be the same should he lose, so there was only one alternative: Victory for the land and people he protected.


Musou drew his sword back in its sheath as he allowed himself to relax while the lava continued to spew around him. While Hideoshi was gloating over Rider’s ‘defeat’ he assumed that the lava had swallowed him up or caused him to catch fire within his armor since he couldn’t be seen through the smoke. With what little footing he had, Musou concentrated all his energy into his buckler while drawing and thrusting his hands into a Ha Dou stance sucking in all the lava that surrounded him and used it as a typhoon to send him back to Hideoshi with Zantetsu in hand. Shrieking in fear, Hideoshi saw Musou diving for him as he readied himself to finish him off…until…
A large sword blocked the attack as an ominous figure appeared in front of Hideoshi with blood red demonic eyes reclaiming his sword with a slight grin, on his neck was a punctured gash on his throat from an earlier war he once participated in. Musou caught himself with a backslide while standing in the presence with the King of Hell himself, Nobunaga Oda.

“So, you’re the man responsible for bringing this ugly light over my beloved darkness… As a very skilled swordsman, you truly impress me with your skills. How about joining my side, I’ll make you head commander over my demon armies and together we shall rule Japan!”

Shaking his head in disgust, Musou drew Zantetsu as his reply to Oda’s offer while readying his stance for battle. Hideoshi growled at his former master as well as his opposition while rising to his feet attacking him in a fit or rage due to his own ambitions being shattered.
As Musou rolled out the way, Hideoshi rushed Nobunaga with madness as Musou could only watch from a distance. Being a fine example of how powerful he truly is, Nobunaga shot a binding glare at his former vassal and tossed him into the lava where he met a grisly death that no man should deserve. With a darkening grimace on his face, he waved his finger at him with a taut look.

“Now we shall have our final battle without any interruption. I do hope you can give me a fight worthy of my expectations.”

The duel wasted no time as they clashed swords to begin the battle. With such intensity, sparks flew while they were feeling each other out with their swords. No quarter was given nor taken as the fight between good and evil raged on. Their surroundings changed from lava to something else altogether.
Time and space soon distorted around them as they continued. With a mighty downward thrust, Oda blasted through Musou defense as he was thrown to the edge wincing in pain. Reverting back down to Rider Oni, he struggled to get back on his feet while fighting to keep his life force from leaving him. Since they were in a different realm separate from the overworld, the immense pressure of spirit energy has a positive and negative effect to anyone who dwelled in it. Nobunaga’s strength was so incredible that Rider’s body couldn’t move due to the force of the blow.

“All that power and you can’t make a dent on me! You shall die just as you lived…in disgrace! Time to die, Kamen RIDER!!!!”

Just then, Onibatou flew in countering with its own attacks while Rider forced himself back up on his own feet charged by the only force that truly empowered him: the people. Those that relied and looked up to him as their savior and protector. There was no other alternative and whether it would cost him his life, victory was all that mattered. Once he finally rose to his feet, his armor slowly cracked revealing his secret identity.
With his body scratched up, his clothes torn and muscles sore from all the fighting, the Onibatou kept fighting until it couldn’t fight anymore. Angered by this action, Nobunaga slapped the sword into the Dark Realm as Yamato’s will rumbled like thunder as his body was overflowing with a tremendous amount of spiritual energy. His eyes slowly opened as he cast his gaze at Nobunaga with his palm out.

“Nobunaga Oda! As long as I live, I shall not allow you to recreate Sengoku! Prepare yourself and fear the power of Hattori!!”

He spun his arms into a balance stance and crossed his arms over and pointing outward and swept his right arm up and shot his left arm to the sky. With the powers of fire and void shining bright in his heart, one word escaped his lips that forever changed history.


Instantly, the marks of Onimusha, and Musou combined with Hattori to create a new sign: Mokushiroku (translation: Apocalypse) and transformed into Rider Zettai (aka the Absolute Rider). With a clenched fist, he rushed Nobunaga with a devastating right hook with lead into a flurry of hard punches which lifted him off the ground, following with a mighty roundhouse kick, Zettai sent Oda in the air and with his fist, he shattered his sword into pieces while setting up for the final blow. Launching upwards, he spun wildly into a corkscrew-style jump kick spiraling towards Oda.

“CHOU ABARE ONI KICK!!!!!!!!!!!”

Releasing all his energy into that kick allowed him to shift back into Onimusha form without the mask. Driven by his passion for living and peace, Yamato finished Nobunaga Oda with the secret attack he unleashed.

“RIDER KICK!!!!!!!!!!!”

In that instant, Nobunaga fell before the might of the lone warrior, Kamen Rider Onimusha. Chou Bishamon arrived as soon as the rift of time and space was becoming unstable and within a second, they found themselves standing on a ledge watching the collapse of Azuchi Castle.
Japan slowly changed itself back to normal and watch the bloodstain sky turn blue undergoing the guises of Yamato Ichimonji Hattori and his mighty steed that now went by the name of Tatsumaki.
They traveled across the countryside observing the villages as the people were once again happy living in their age of freedom. This victory belonged to all people who wanted peace, and thanks to the efforts of Tachibana, Sanzo, and even the Ant Twins, he was able to maintain that peace. They rode off into the sun vanishing without a trace until he is called again…

“Whenever the darkness looms
The wind will call forth a hero
He shall bear the mask
As he fights for justice
And forever shall he become the eyes of night…”